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Broad Ripple Inc’s vision for 2021

Alongside of our web hosting products we’ve been working on a more integrated design.

WordPress is a wonderful platform that offers unparalleled depth to its capabilities. WordPress is always evolving thanks to the wonderful people at Automattic and the WordPress community at large. The WordPress community is always striving to keep up and improve web technologies access to the world at large.

Very important focuses over the last few years have been:

  • mobile-friendly
  • building a robust ecommerce platform with WooCommerce
  • becoming a publishing platform that automates distribution to facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • security

In short, we’re putting these tools in your hands, you the content creators and business owners. Your website is your business’s platform for publishing, sales, list management, and more.

WordPress gives you the tools to make your own storefront, revise it constantly and improve your business.

Here at Broad Ripple Inc, we’re focused in 2021 on integrated landing pages for your top products and services, that capture you both the lead and the sale.

Other important features that we’re working on include (but are not limited to):

  • Integrate your WooCommerce store with other marketplace platforms like Ebay and SquareSpace. One product base, multiple points of sale.
  • Take payments via card reader in person that transact through your WooCommerce
  • A local delivery platform that brings together WordPress, WooCommerce, and a delivery services that saves business and customers money, while paying drivers the lion’s share of the delivery cost.
  • Marketing: we’re creating inspiring content that features random ads for our clients. We’re driving authentic traffic to your website.
  • We’re teaching you to blog your content from your website to your newsletter and social media platforms automatically – !Important! be sure to thoroughly review your content before clicking publish – it’s automatically publishing to your newsletter and social media!
  • Premium content – yes you can sell access to your content and we can help.
  • We manage your WordPress for you. Backups, super-fast hosting, updates, traffic monitoring, secure and reliable hosting.

Our focus here at Broad Ripple Inc in 2021 is to make WooCommerce the #1 ecommerce platform through the success of its users.

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Coronavirus – A Community Resource Hub

Community information hub featuring collections of links to important bulletins, ideas, news coverage, and local resources for Central Indiana Residents and beyond.

We’ll keep this post updated with more information as we find it.

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Envision 2100: #SolarPunk #NaturalClimateSolutions

Hopefully we’ve all been inundated enough with the post-apocalyptic programming of #SteamPunk & #CyberPunk to consciously realize we want a better tomorrow – and just how daunting of a challenge that actually might be!

Introducing: #SolarPunk – a budding movement to pragmatically approach a dystopian future with moral imagination.

Stay tuned as we follow this movement of consciousness and a high-vibration tomorrow.

From the Natural Climate Solutions:

We are writing to champion a thrilling but neglected approach to averting climate chaos while defending the living world: Natural Climate Solutions. This means drawing carbon dioxide out of the air by protecting and restoring ecosystems.

By defending, restoring and re-establishing forests, peatlands, mangroves, salt marshes, natural seabeds and other crucial ecosystems, very large amounts of carbon can be removed from the air and stored. At the same time, the protection and restoration of these ecosystems can help to minimise a sixth great extinction, while enhancing local people’s resilience against climate disaster. Defending the living world and defending the climate are, in many cases, one and the same. 

Natural Climate Solutions Letter

Native Plants Pollinator Garden

Skiles Test Park | Rob Slaven

As I walked Skiles Test Park with my dogs in early summer, we got to the pollinator field and saw something amazing. In this era of insect population declines we saw an abundance of birds, dragonflies, bees, moths, and most impressively, butterflies.

I’ve been thinking a lot about bee colony collapse disorder, and reading that bee keepers can’t keep their bees either, that even in these nurturing settings such as professional beekeeping, the bees continue to die at alarming rates. I’ve wanted to have bees, but I’ve worried it’s a money pit that ends up being bad for the bees too.

Recently, I read that backyard breeders of monarch butterflies are helping populations yes, but that these backyard monarchs won’t make the migration that wild monarchs do, and that they are also smaller.

This got me thinking that Mother Nature has the answers. We humans don’t need to be the middle man. We can just plant native pollinators, return portions of our lawns to nature, and she will do the rest.

Then I walked around my neighborhood with just a fraction of families who are first generation to when these homes were built. I noticed that a lot of the old ladies of the neighborhood have thought about this too. There are several homes that have tall, native plants and pollinator gardens at the end of their driveway or at the corner of an intersection. Brilliant, functional and beautiful!

I have several areas in my yard that will be perfect for such a garden. I intend to plant in spring 2020, and I will update this post and future posts with my progress. I know my neighbors spray for mosquitoes, so I hope this effort isn’t in vain, but who knows, maybe I’ll convince them one day that bats are more appropriate mosquito hunters than spraying pesticides are.

Here’s some links for resources on planting Indiana Native plants:

The Trillion Tree Planting Campaigns

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Closed-Loop, Zero Waste, Just In Time, Circular Economy, Triple Bottom Line


In industry, product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products. PLM integrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies and their extended enterprise.

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