Alongside of our web hosting products we’ve been working on a more integrated design.

WordPress is a wonderful platform that offers unparalleled depth to its capabilities. WordPress is always evolving thanks to the wonderful people at Automattic and the WordPress community at large. The WordPress community is always striving to keep up and improve web technologies access to the world at large.

Very important focuses over the last few years have been:

  • mobile-friendly
  • building a robust ecommerce platform with WooCommerce
  • becoming a publishing platform that automates distribution to facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • security

In short, we’re putting these tools in your hands, you the content creators and business owners. Your website is your business’s platform for publishing, sales, list management, and more.

WordPress gives you the tools to make your own storefront, revise it constantly and improve your business.

Here at Broad Ripple Inc, we’re focused in 2021 on integrated landing pages for your top products and services, that capture you both the lead and the sale.

Other important features that we’re working on include (but are not limited to):

  • Integrate your WooCommerce store with other marketplace platforms like Ebay and SquareSpace. One product base, multiple points of sale.
  • Take payments via card reader in person that transact through your WooCommerce
  • A local delivery platform that brings together WordPress, WooCommerce, and a delivery services that saves business and customers money, while paying drivers the lion’s share of the delivery cost.
  • Marketing: we’re creating inspiring content that features random ads for our clients. We’re driving authentic traffic to your website.
  • We’re teaching you to blog your content from your website to your newsletter and social media platforms automatically – !Important! be sure to thoroughly review your content before clicking publish – it’s automatically publishing to your newsletter and social media!
  • Premium content – yes you can sell access to your content and we can help.
  • We manage your WordPress for you. Backups, super-fast hosting, updates, traffic monitoring, secure and reliable hosting.

Our focus here at Broad Ripple Inc in 2021 is to make WooCommerce the #1 ecommerce platform through the success of its users.

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