Hopefully we’ve all been inundated enough with the post-apocalyptic programming of #SteamPunk & #CyberPunk to consciously realize we want a better tomorrow – and just how daunting of a challenge that actually might be!

Introducing: #SolarPunk – a budding movement to pragmatically approach a dystopian future with moral imagination.

Stay tuned as we follow this movement of consciousness and a high-vibration tomorrow.

From the Natural Climate Solutions:

We are writing to champion a thrilling but neglected approach to averting climate chaos while defending the living world: Natural Climate Solutions. This means drawing carbon dioxide out of the air by protecting and restoring ecosystems.

By defending, restoring and re-establishing forests, peatlands, mangroves, salt marshes, natural seabeds and other crucial ecosystems, very large amounts of carbon can be removed from the air and stored. At the same time, the protection and restoration of these ecosystems can help to minimise a sixth great extinction, while enhancing local people’s resilience against climate disaster. Defending the living world and defending the climate are, in many cases, one and the same. 

Natural Climate Solutions Letter

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