Broad Ripple Inc was formed as Broad Ripple Unlimited, LLC back in 2010 to provide web and marketing skills to small businesses, but we also wanted to make these skills available to the grassroots, specifically sustainability and conservation, but also social justice.

It was certainly a challenge to get to this point, but now we can focus more energy on that type of work.

Having volunteered for so many community projects over the years, we are finally working to launch our own: Roots Regeneration.

Roots Regeneration:
Nature Connection | Wilderness Conservation | Community-Based Natural Resource Management | Rights of Nature

In short, Roots Regeneration is our umbrella for a whole lot of work, both urban and rural.

We already support marketing community events with our free community and cultural events calendar: Broad Ripple Events, but now we will also be adding a Shop Local & Independent business directory to the mix too with Local First. There’s not much to see now, but by the end of 2019, we want this to be an “app” where it shows you local businesses relative to where you are. Just like the calendar, it will be focused on Indianapolis to start.

Transition Indy will be the place where we organize action on climate and ecosystem change. No longer can we wait for government and big business to take meaningful action on climate. We will be organizing as a platform to guide communities on meaningful action towards sustainability, energy-reduction, food localization, greening buildings, bringing permaculture to cities and much more.

Slow Money Indiana will be an investment club working to raise money to buy farmland, and convert it into successful agro-forestry projects.

In media, we are working on creating the video game: Conservation Warriors on the Arma 3 engine. This game as well as our platform will be working to train the next generation in conservation, eco-village building, greening cities, overcoming political challenges, and hopefully earning a living while saving the earth.

It’s truly a blessing to be able to begin to birth this vision that’s been in the works for over a decade. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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